Before you start to question where we've disappeared to, don't worry. We haven't strayed too far away. IM is still an AU Harry Potter Marauders Era Roleplay on Tumblr, but we've simply moved to another URL ready for our post-graduation blog. Well, no. We haven't moved. We're primarily just switched the two URLs over ('itinerarium--maraudentium' & 'itinerarium-im-maraudentium'). We have done this just so we can still come back to this blog and look over things if we need to from the past, but also because we could never get rid of the first blog that started all this craziness.

So, don't panic too much, dears. We're still here and still under the name of itinerarium--maraudentium here on Tumblr. I guess this little redirect/about this blog page was just created in case anyone happened to stumble across it.

So please, follow us at the new blog if you happen to come across this old one.

Yours sincerely,

Lauren & Hannah x

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